Irrigation Service in Diberville MSIrrigation Systems And Repairs

Diberville Landscaping provides irrigation system installation as well as irrigation system repairs. The landscape irrigation system (SAP) includes a certain number of sprinklers, solenoid valves or taps (in the case of a manual irrigation system), a drip line, hydrants (quick access valves for water), a zonal and main pipeline, a pump station, a storage tank or tank, controller (control panel for the automatic watering system).

Automatic Irrigation Systems

SAP implies four stages of work: obtaining technical specifications, design, and preparation of budget documentation, installation (installation) and commissioning. Like any engineering communications system, an automatic watering system requires a serious attitude and quality design. Components should be professionally selected based on the type of facility and operating conditions.

Irrigation Systems Include

Sprinklers (static or rotary type) and nozzles, solenoid valves, controllers, filters, drip irrigation, sensors, automatic pumping equipment, pipes, clamping fittings, etc.

The operation of the irrigation system is simple and does not require much effort. The most important advantage of SAP for ease of use is the remote control of the system. Thanks to it, you cannot puzzle over how you can catch a plot to turn on the water, or vice versa turn it off when it rains. Programmable automatic control does not require the daily presence of a person on the site, since with the controller all the necessary parameters are set once watering time, its duration and frequency, and the rain sensor will turn off the automatic watering system if it rains on the site.